Managed Services 

We provide a broad set of Managed Service Offerings for Business & IT Operations/Logistics, End User Services and Asset Management.

Our services are designed to assume responsibility for functions that require improvement in efficiency, execution, scale, global consistency, or simply to offload processes so that you can better address core business activities.

Smart Hands

Scale, efficiency and global consistency of low level functions.

End-User Device Services

On-Boarding and Asset Management of phones, laptops, hand held and mobile technologies.

Help Desk Solutions

Level one and two Support Center Services for all User and Network issues, 24/7.

IT Operations 

Trouble Ticket & SLA Management, Administration, Dashboards, Consolidation, Automation Design.

AV Operations 

Quality of Experience Assurance, Proactive Room Sweeps, Trouble Ticket & SLA Management, Usage Dashboards.

Logistics & Event Operations

Secure Warehousing, Asset Imaging,Tagging & Management, Geo-Fencing, Administration, Dashboards.

Benefits of an EOS Managed Service

Our Managed Service Solutions simplify processes whilst improving efficiency and productivity – recent benefits we have brought our customers :-

  • Increased salary & improved benefits for employees.
  • Improved employee engagement and common goal alignment.
  • Service Optimisation.
  • Shared learning amongst different services.
  • Improved visibility of true performance via development of dashboards.
  • Further development of SLA’s.
  • Automation of tasks & help desk issues.
  • Resource optimization / shared resources across different functions.
  • Overhaul of Inventory accuracy, management philosophy and technology.


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