We can protect your company’s reputation, business assets and intellectual property. With traditional data centers rapidly changing the way they operate; it is essential that businesses pay undivided attention to the security of both their services and data.

Security Services

We provide dynamic IT security services that take into account the latest technology whilst at the same time, being moulded to suit each unique environment.  No two companies are the same.  For this reason, we create a plan related to your processes, culture and people when developing unique security services to suit your needs.  This way we can both be sure that your business is as well protected as it can be, resilient when it comes to cyber-attacks or security breaches.

Cloud Security

If your business has information in the cloud, they need protection. The same security you provide on-site property. Cloud security includes traditional security controls and responsibilities that are extended to the cloud only.

Enterprise Segmentation

Enterprise segmentation divides your IT network into zones and implements security controls to limit unauthorized lateral movement between them. Improve data protection, achieve services assurance and create integrated architectures that meet complex regulatory and compliance requirements.

Next-Gen Firewall Platforms

Next-Gen firewalls provide businesses with visibility to protect data, decrease the change of data exposure and strengthen any security gaps in your network. We can help your business reduce the risk of your reputation, lower operating costs and enable your employees to make informed decisions.

Endpoint Security Architecture

We introduce endpoint security that protects the actual gateways to your companies’ network. We introduce security measures which significantly reduce threats to your employees’ devices such as desktops, laptops cell phones and tablets. Increase the visibility, control and protection of your endpoint ecosystem. We ensure this is done in alignment with your business needs with no down time, while protecting your information and improving operation efficiencies.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures that employees within your company have the correct administrational access to your network and devices. Our IAM solutions decrease the risk to your company’s information and most importantly your organizations reputation.

We implement a streamlined process of authentication, approval, automated provisioning/de-provisioning and access examination. Enabling our IAM solution increases security within your organization while delivering cost and time savings through automation.

Security Architecture

Security architecture is an incorporated structure of the administrations and capacities expected to convey security controls and diminish risks for your organization. As we remove operational risk for your company this allows you to align your business needs with our technical solutions.

Benefits of IT Security

We network with partners globally whilst having a team on the ground, able to react fast. Not only do we work with leading industry companies across the globe, but we also support the development of leading-edge IT security research across 175 countries.

Why put your trust in anyone else when you can use a leading IT security company with a global reach? With highly trained and skilled engineers and acting as Cisco Certified Gold Partners, both in the USA and the UK, when you choose EOS IT Solutions, we reduce operational risk to your company.


  • Protection for your business
  • Increased productivity
  • Inspires customers confidence
  • Protection for your employees and customers
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