Power your hybrid workplace with a tailored Return to Office Solution.

Transitioning back into the office is certainly a concern for many organizations and employees. The workplace as we once knew it will no longer remain, instead we will be introduced to a new way of working with the implementation of social distancing rules and safety measures.

Companies will reduce corporate real estate by redesigning office space into safe collaboration and socialization rooms, increase the use of online collaboration tools and invest in technology that will allow employees to book and reserve spaces before coming into the office.

We’re focused on safety, communication and innovation every step of the process.

EOS will provide tailored solutions for your business that simplify the Return to Office process through digital signage, collaboration devices, enterprise messaging apps and space management.


EOS will assess your needs in order to tailor a Return to Office model. Our consultative approach features site audits, equipment checks and health reporting. We will collaborate with your Facilities and Health + Safety teams to design solutions that provide optimal safety scenarios. 



Our partnership with industry leader Appspace enables us to design innovative custom apps that include floor and campus maps, multi-platform communication and trainings to facilitate COVID compliance.

Our team will recommended best practices and workflows for safe passage through offices.


Solutions can be deployed prior to reopening sites including cameras for thermal screenings at building entrances, systematic WiFi testing, Network + AV Hardware sweeps.

Digital COVID prevention messaging can be installed throughout the facilities to keep safety top of mind for employees.



Dedicated resources are available to monitor RTO activities, compliance guidelines, and rule reporting. 

    Tailored Solution Benefits

    Visitor & Employee Access: Manage visitor and employee traffic in and out of the workplace

    Room & Desk Reservations: Find available meeting spaces and reserve desks

    Maps & Wayfinding: Find your way to meeting spaces, amenities and more

    Space Analytics: Gain insights into how your spaces are being used

    Alerts & Warnings: Receive alerts directly when COVID guidelines have been breached.


    Ready to start the transition?

    Simplify communication, connect your workplace, and above allkeep employees safe with EOS.