Establish the new norm, now.

The world of work is a much different place than it was this time last year. We’re all focused on staying safe and being productive from home. To help enable your remote workers during this unique time, we have partnered with industry experts to build a solution that establishes a standard environment, which raises the bar of the working experience regardless of whether that’s at home or in the office.

Innovative technology truly is the future of work.

Are you ready?

The year 2020 will be known as the year that accelerated the evolution of the office at speed. Businesses can no longer support the new workforce by providing basic endpoints. Now is the time that organizations must adapt and invest in digital technology to create sustainable improvement for their business that modernizes the way they work 

What We Offer

 We take pride in supporting global organizations prepare for their new normal, whether that be a remote working or a hybrid model or helping them design better meeting room spaces for safe collaboration.    

 At EOS IT Solutions, we can expedite this allinone service at scale. When you trust EOS to transform your work experience, we are with you throughout your collaboration journey. We cover everything, from procurement, design and deployment to installation, support and maintenance

We strive to deliver precisely what your business infrastructure requires with additional add on option services available

Create a workspace for your team that is safe, modern, collaborative and connected.    

360 EOS Support

Intelligent Solutions ready to Support the Remote & Hybrid Workplace

Webex Cloud Subscription

Web and video conferencing, Multimedia content sharing, Chat and brainstorming tools, Application/ file sharing, Webinar hosting, and call sharing. 

730 Premium Headset

Advanced noise-canceling, Enterprise-grade security, Intelligent headset management, & Customizable audio.   Built for business, personal, and the journey between. 

Room Kit Mini

A video-conferencing system with dual-content sources, Powerful integrated cameras, wireless sharing, and 4K content providing great presentations. Ideal for huddle workspaces. 

Samsung Flip 2 Interactive Display

Familiar pen to paper experience, Draw, write & inspire, Create a masterpiece on brush mode, Write on any background on any background source, Flexible image editing with the selection tool, and merge to roll.

Desktop Pro

 27-inch stunning 4K display, 71-degree HD camera, Superior sound system, Touch screen, Blurred backgrounds, Digital whiteboarding, USB-C, and advanced noise-canceling microphone array.

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California: +1  408 9079145

New York: +1 646 3812007

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California: +1  408 9079145

New York: +1 646 3812007

Ireland: +44 28 4065 1009