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AV installations are revolutionising the way the world does business, from software to hardware we have solutions for you

Immersive video conferencing units allow people located anywhere in the world to interact face-to-face within specially customised telecommunications rooms. Our certified installation engineers are dedicated to providing exceptional service and technical expertise, ensuring your AV suite is installed to your unique specification and requirements.

Our skilled technicians will install your solutions in a straightforward and seamless manor. The expertise of our team will help your business adapt to the new solutions and assist your users in operation from day one.

Our technicians provide:

  • Hardware installations and initialization
  • Software installation, registration, activation and configuration
  • Additional End User Training
  • Configuration and testing of software applications, system resources and testing of entire installations

Service Benefits:

  • Faster deployments
  • Avoidance of common pitfalls through the use of expert technicians
  • System configuration to meet specific business needs
  • Accelerate Return on Investment
  • Optimising your endpoint performance and maximising adoption, by ensuring your collaboration solution is properly planned and implemented


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