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We are exploring ways we can help people better communicate using the latest AV Design Solutions. We are a provider of Audio Visual Solutions for Fortune 100 businesses, globally. 

We implement Audio Visual Solutions into a multitude of environments; larger spaces including executive boardrooms and client training suites are a popular choice. These environments vary in size and scale; we can implement into Single and Combined Rooms allowing for a greater audience usage of the Audio Visual Solution. We have also implemented into personal meeting booths and private workstations in office environments that can provide you with a more private Audio Visual Solution.

What makes us different?

  • We apply high standards to all our projects across the variety of locations and environments we encounter
  • We have a global presence in the Audio Visual Solutions world.
  • The ability to understand business requirements and objectives, which allows us to tailor your collaboration solutions
  • We provide complete packages to our customers; we design and service all AV Technologies globally. We also provide monitoring and preventative maintenance through our EOS Care support package.

We are a Certified Gold Partner for Cisco Systems to implement Collaboration systems.

We are also certified: 

  • Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture
  • Cisco Master Collaboration Specialist

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