Asset Lifecycle Management 

Getting a comprehensive handle on the IT Assets in an organization can be challenging.

We have built a holistic program to give visibility, manageability, and predictability to the entire IT supply chain. Whether it be software or hardware, EOS can simplify your asset lifecycle strategy from the initial purchase through the decommissioning of any given asset. 


Knowledge is power.

We work with our customers through the asset lifecycle journey. We give you visibility to your entire estate through a single pane of glass.

Dashboards are instrumental in tracking the usage of software, location, and status of hardware giving your team end-to-end awareness of your environment.









Minimize your business risk.

An accurate inventory across multiple manufacturers can be difficult to achieve for any enterprise. Without an accurate inventory, business risk is inherent.

Our knowledge and expertise is in the reconciliation of service contracts with manufacturers to ensure that appropriate support levels and coverage of assets exist for our customers. When you partner with EOS, you can be confident that you have taken the necessary steps to eliminate business risk in your enterprise.









Manage your spend.

Proactively managing the entire asset lifecycle delivers accurate and timely data for budgeting against software renewals, service contract renewals, and hardware refresh strategies. 








EOS Care

Support Subscription

  • Contract price based on known inventory list
  • Managed per device – to aligned
  • Vendor support and warranty agreements
  • All services linked to other capabilities
  • Remote support > Field Support > RMA Support
  • Unlimited Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Active Collaboration infrastructure managed service – Add on service offering
  • Minimum Term: 12 months

Fast, Secure Detection 

Our viewing service quickly and easily informs each client of the stage of repairs, can detect issues and identify resolutions. We will continue to monitor your systems on all your devices and provide staged reports to clients. With flexible alerting and viewing, we are able to monitor your covered devices around the clock. We can see a snapshot view of the current status across the entire estate with our web and mobile-based dashboard.


We are alerted of issues with instant e-mail and Dashboard alerts the moment EOS Care detects a problem – and usually long before you even know you have one! 


Quick and easy access to the details of your estate is possible thanks to EOS Care Remote Management Web Dashboard. This information is also available to our customers through an access-controlled Client Web Portal so you can see anytime, anywhere, what problems our engineers are working on – or even that your system is up and running with no problems. 

For further information on our EOS Care services, contact our team today.