Creating backups key to securing valuable data


Creating backups key to securing valuable data

24% of users have lost backup data stored in physical devices. 

A survey found out that one in four users lose backup data which is stored in a physical device.

Hard drives and flash memories were the most preferred devices for storage, with 87% of the respondents claiming to store their backup data in such devices.

Only 12% of the respondents used cloud services for backup.

However, according to the joint survey by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 24% of those who store backup data in physical devices suffered irrecoverable data loss due to breakage, theft or damage of the stored device.

According to the survey, 92% of the respondents claimed to have stored vital information including private photos, passwords or financial data on their devices, with less than one third considering creating backup copies. A further 29% did not take any backup copies and 11% did not even consider backup as an option for them.

Kaspersky Lab Consumer Product Management head Elena Kharchenko said: "By taking a systematic approach to backup, you can take good care of your data.

"Decide which information is the most valuable to you and create backup copies of it on a regular basis.

"The optimal way of keeping important information safe is in encrypted folders, stored both on physical media and in a cloud storage environment.

"This will safeguard your data even in the case of such highly unlikely events as a global Internet outage or the destruction of the building in which you keep your hard drive."

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