Cisco announce Spark and Webex Convergence


Cisco announce Spark and Webex Convergence

Phoenix AZ, April 18 2018

Today at Collaboration Summit Cisco announced they are converging the Cisco Spark and Webex platforms. The result is a new Webex Meetings application called Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark). Cisco are putting all their award winning video devices onto this newly converged platform. A NEW hardware device is also being added which turns any work space with a TV into a Webex room. Cisco are continuing to apply machine learning and AI to dramatically improve meetings as we know them today.

Cisco launch an all-new version of Webex meetings

Video comes first - Cisco are encouraging users to turn on the camera. Now you can see all of your teammates in crisp, clean layouts whether you are using your laptop, your Cisco video room device or your mobile device.

Because Webex is delivered through the cloud, customers who use Webex do not need to take any action - they will simply get the update in the coming months.

Cisco launch a brand new version of Cisco Spark and at the same time give it a new name

Today's business challenges are getting more and more complex, creating an urgency to help teams connect and get their best work done. Cisco want to make it simple for Webex users to take the next step to team collaboration. Today Cisco launch a new version of Cisco Spark, and give it a new name: Webex Teams. All customers need to do is add the Teams extension to start using team-based persistent collaboration.

With this new version, Cisco have completely integrated the technology across the applications. Webex Teams give you a much richer set of tools - including whiteboarding, persistent messaging, simple guest access, content sharing and integrated tools - to support teams both during and after the meeting.

The new name also extends to our award-winning devices. For e.g. the Cisco Spark Board becomes the Webex Board.

New device that turns any space with a TV into a Webex room 

Introducing Webex Share - a low cost, super-simple way for teams to share content on the big screen in the space. Simply plug the palm-sized adapter into the back of the TV. Pair with the sysytem and start sharing your document or screen. When you are done, keep the work going in your Webex Team space. Plus with Webex Share, teams will be able to easily reserve rooms, know when a room is already booked and much more!

Webex Share will be available for Webex Meetings and Teams towards the end of 2018

Cisco put artificial intelligence (AI) to work to end poor meetings

Introducing Webex Assistant (formely Cisco Spark Assistant) will be available on more devices and with more functionality. Webex Assistant will start showing up over the next couple of months in all Cisco cloud-connected Webex Room Kits and Room Series devices!

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