Remote Expert


Remote Expert

Strengthen Relationships and YOUR Business

The Cisco Remote Expert Solution brings customers together with experts in an interactive, virtual setting, regardless of their physical locations. A customer in the branch, in the retail store, or at any public or home location can easily find the best expert. We at EOS are here to help you utilise this solution using skills-based routing and availability monitoring to transparently connect the expert using Cisco Collaboration.

The Remote Expert Solution is ideal for many industries including:

  • Financial services firms (FSI) and retail banking
  • Retail
  • Government services
  • Healthcare

Remote Expert Mobile

Remote Expert Mobile is a software platform with software solutions that offer and enable customers to integrate real time voice/video communications and collaboration capabilities such as co-browse and file share.

Features and Capabilities

This solution makes customer interaction with 'experts' easy. Your customers will no longer have to jump from one channel to another. Remote Expert Mobile harmonises multiple channels into one connected experience that ultimately leads to improved business outcomes and customer loyalty.

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